Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture?

Acacia Wood for Outdoor Furniture: Is it a Good Choice?

If you’re looking to invest in outdoor furniture that’s both durable and beautiful, acacia wood might be on your list of options. However, you may be wondering if acacia wood is a good choice for outdoor use. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of using acacia wood for outdoor furniture.

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Benefits of Acacia Wood for Outdoor Furniture


Acacia wood is known for its durability and toughness. It has natural oils that help protect it from rot, insects, and weather damage, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.


Acacia wood has a warm, rich color and intricate grain patterns that make it highly sought after for furniture. It can be finished with a variety of stains, paints, or sealants to match any outdoor decor.


Acacia trees grow quickly and require little maintenance, making them a sustainable choice for outdoor furniture. Many manufacturers source their acacia wood from responsibly managed forests, making it an eco-friendly option.


Compared to other hardwoods, such as teak or cedar, acacia wood is relatively affordable while still offering durability and beauty.

Drawbacks of Acacia Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Prone to Cracking

Acacia wood is prone to cracking or splitting if left untreated or not properly maintained. This can be prevented by regularly sealing or oiling the wood, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Requires Maintenance

While acacia wood is durable, it does require some maintenance to keep it looking its best. This includes regular cleaning, oiling, or sealing to prevent weather damage and maintain its natural beauty.


Acacia wood is a dense hardwood that can be heavy, making it difficult to move around or transport. This may be a consideration if you plan to frequently rearrange your outdoor furniture.


Overall, acacia wood is a great choice for outdoor furniture due to its durability, beauty, sustainability, and affordability. While it requires some maintenance, proper care will help ensure long-lasting quality. If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, consider investing in a set made of acacia wood to add both style and functionality to your outdoor space.