4 trends in outdoor living this year

This summer, homeowners are looking to ramp up their outdoor spaces with diverse and multi-functional features that transform it into a personal oasis.

Home improvement specialist, Fixr.com, has surveyed 40 experts in the home design field to find out what the latest trends in outdoor living are for the summer of 2022.
According to 87% of experts, the pandemic is still influencing homeowners and how they are using and investing in their homes and outdoor living spaces. For two consecutive summers, many people chose to stay home more than they ever had before, creating the priority for a more engaging outdoor atmosphere. And even as things begin to reopen and return to ‘normal’, many families are choosing to stay home this summer and continue investing in their homes.

Weathering all climates

While outdoor fireplaces are fairly popular, they continue to lag behind fire pits. Fire pits are smaller, less expensive and, in many cases, can be easily moved. Plus, consumers will find the initial expense to be more of an investment if their outdoor space becomes one they can use in all four seasons rather than just short stretches of summer weather.
Enjoying the inside outside

Creating an outdoor space with indoor influence has been a trending style throughout the pandemic, and 56% of experts say it remains popular this year as well. This ties into year-round spaces, but also shows a desire for people to have more usable square footage. A seamless transition from inside to outside helps create a calming environment, ranked extremely important by 33% of those surveyed.

Outdoor dining is one of the most popular ways to use an exterior space, and 62% say it is a must have. Besides offering an area for eating, gathering and socializing, these areas also are great escapes from the home office for working or studying.

Other key features

With 41% of respondents ranking outdoor kitchens as the biggest outdoor trend in 2022, 97% agree that grills and barbecues are by far the most popular feature in one’s outdoor kitchen.

Adding a sink to the area is another popular feature, according to 36%, followed by pizza ovens at 26%.

Swimming pools and hot tubs have always been popular outdoor features, but saltwater pools are on the rise, according to 56% of respondents. Plus, 50% of home design experts say that smaller pools and plunge pools will be favorable this year as they take less space and cost less to install.
For this report, Fixr.com surveyed 40 top experts in the home construction industry. Each of the professionals who responded has a wealth of experience and currently work in the building, remodeling or landscaping fields. In order to compile the trends and associated percentages, they were asked a mix of open-ended and multiple-choice questions. All percentages were rounded. In some cases, they were able to select more than one option.